How to Sell a Business Fast

How to Sell a Business

We get asked the question all the time… “how to sell a business fast”. We created a Business Selling System to make selling a business easy. It has always been difficult to sell a business until now. Business brokers are often used to assist in the sale of a business. Unfortunately, Business Brokers are expensive charging 10 to 12% commissions with success only 40% the time. Click the icon below to schedule a time to see how our Business Selling System gets results better results.

“how to sell your business”

This isn’t their fault; technology has changed how everything is done along with expectations from business buyers. This has made business brokers too expensive for the results received. We have developed a better way to sell a business that reduces fees on average 65% and gets far better results.
We use the internet, pinpoint advertising analytics, and more to get your business sold in the least amount of time possible.

Selling a Business has Changed…

Our Business Selling System is the new way to sell a business that will likely become the preferred method in the coming years. Contact us if you would like to know how much your business will sell for in today’s market. We only need a few pieces of information to determine the price at which your company will likely be sold. Contact us if you have any questions regarding how to sell your business.

How to Buy a Business

Finding a business for sale is the first step to financial freedom. An existing business for sale is the most effective way to become an owner. The value of a profitable business concept is a huge advantage. Even an unprofitable business can be a gold mine if you have the skills that the business is lacking. Procedures, best practices, and customers are already in place allowing the focus to be on growth and profitability. Existing businesses have revenue streams already in place that reduces the risk compared to a start-up. Lenders are able to finance businesses with a history of past earnings to the benefit of the acquirer reducing the initial cash outlay.

Join our buyer alert list and see business opportunities before they are listed. Learn how to buy a business with no money down in some cases. We have many deals that are sold before they are ever listed anyplace. Everyone knows that the best businesses sell quickly before everyone has had a chance to know they were even for sale. Get the best opportunities and lowest price before they appear on bizbuysell or before they are available to the public. Serous business buyers should join our buyer alerts to get deals with little or no competition. Business sellers want to sell quickly when they come to the decision to sell their business. The fewer people poking around their business is a huge benefit to the seller. In exchange for a fast sale, they are willing to be more flexible with price. A win-win for both buyer and seller. Don’t miss the opportunity to get on our buyer alerts and know what questions to ask when buying a business. Sign up now.

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We only show businesses that have financials and or tax returns that represent a fair value for buyers. Every company can not be included because they fail to have a satisfactory disclosure or don’t represent a fair value. While we make every effort to present the very best companies, it is the responsibility of the buyer to conduct their own due diligence. Contact us to learn more about any of the companies or business opportunities listed on our site.

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