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Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in North America or abroad, Bizprofitpro can deliver a message on the Seven Pillars to Profit or tailor the message for your meeting or conference. Bizprofitpro’s philosophy is that your audience does not want to be “taught” anything. Rather they are interested in hearing real live examples of what’s working and what is being practiced successfully.

Marv White’s keynote speeches and workshops create change by providing the process, tools, and action plans through his Seven Pillar Profit Model. His model is geared specifically for Small Business and lays out a blueprint for business success. This Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker, gives you the WOW and the HOW – creating real value with the inspiration AND the actual tangible tools and strategies that last long after the meeting ends.

Marv White is a bestselling author who has authored two books: The Art and Science of Success and The Seven Pillars To Profit. He has also created a coaching program and specialized software for small business owners with the principles described in his books and high-lighted in his presentations.

He has trained, managed, and coached individuals in large and small business all over the country on profit improvement for small business. While his expertise is in sales, marketing, motivation, change management, leadership, entrepreneurism and work-life balance topics, he can also customize a presentation for you and your unique group’s needs.

If you are looking to increase your sales performance this is the Six step process to make it happen. Sales is a process. The better the process, the better the result. The process is far more than just asking a potential customer to buy your product. It includes finding the right customers, getting to know them, listening to them to determine their needs, and then delivering to meet or exceed their expectations.

Signature Talks:

Leading in Turbulent Times-Leadership means making a positive difference in a sphere where you have influence. Leadership is sustained action over time, particularly during adverse circumstances. A leader envisions a better circumstance in the future and is able to empower others to join the cause for a greater good.

Being a leader requires beginning with the end in mind. Leaders automate or delegate every possible business function so they can focus on the bigger picture of operating and expanding the business. Leaders maximize income by increasing scale, not by working harder. Leaders build engines of change, add gasoline, and let the engine run.


Business Valuations– If you are looking for a presentation that provides real tools to creating the life you want and relating it to an exciting unique topic like aviation, then this is the presentation for you. Thise are four elements that make a plane fly and they are the same things that make your life take flight too!

Benchmarking- 3 simple steps to accomplish anything you want in life. Thise are three things that can create the life you want. Goals, Planning and Surmounting Fear. This step by step program gives you the simple tools reach the personal and professional goals that you strive for.

Marketing – Walk away with the ability to inspire yourself and your team with creative ways to gain and maintain momentum in your businesses and life. You are given 7 step by step key points that can be used daily to inspire the yourself and your troops.

Operations –

Three Step System to Small Business Success –

What people are saying:

“Marvin White demystifies the process of running a small business with three unique processes and seven specific pillars that, when applied, will not only take your business to the next level, but will reignite your passion for what you do! This book will change the way you approach business FOREVER!”

Michael Hellickson
Virtual Assistant Staffing

“Finally, a common sense approach for Main Street Businesses. The concepts have actionable steps any business can take to begin seeing more profit.”

Dave VanHoose
7 Figure Speaking Empire

“Marvin White has the experience to help any Business Owner succeed; his new book dramatically and effectively shares this experience concisely and effectively. Any business owner who wants his navigation in the rough seas of entrepreneurship to happen with more ease and less struggle would profit greatly not only by reading Marvin’s book, but engaging its principles!”

Thell Prueitt
Best-Selling Author of The Art and Science of Success: Vol. 2

“This book will put you on the high road to succeed as an entrepreneur. Incorporate these Seven Pillars to make a positive impact on your business and achieve your destiny.”

Patrick Snow
International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“If you have a small business, you will want to read Seven Pillars to Profit. It is easy to read and full of practical steps to make any business better.”

Matt Morris
Best-Selling Author of The Unemployed Millionaire

“I believe the Seven Pillars to Profit concept is a refreshing way to look at a business. It allows entrepreneurs and business owners to apply a systematic approach to improve their businesses and gain more profit.”

Robert G. Allen
Author of the mega-bestsellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire

Marv would be delighted to bring his own unique expertise, enthusiasm and inspiration to your event. Please contact us for more information, fee scale and availability.

Marv provides a “Fresh Eyes“ perspective to small business owners and professionals as he delivers real world solutions and actionable strategies to improve both their business and personal lives.

Marv White will work with you to custom-tailor his presentation to the needs of your audience to inform, inspire and entertain them. His goal is to always leave people’s spirits lifted, to encourage them and leave them feeling better off after having met his.

Marv knows how critical it is to turn information into applied knowledge. He enjoys connecting the dots for his audience members so they understand not only WHAT to do and HOW to do it, but also WHY they’re doing it.

He helped them to identify hidden opportunities and untapped goldmines in their businesses that improved their prospects of getting and keeping more customers and making more money.
As your guest speaker, panelist, keynote speaker, workshop presenter or mastermind group leader, Marv will work closely with you and your planning team to deliver a customized and entertaining experience guaranteed to WOW your audience.

He enjoys audience participation, including “Hot Seats”, and audience interaction, such as “Q&A time” after his talks. Marv is very easy to work with and will support you in delivering a successful and memorable live or virtual event.
As an Author of “Seven Pillars to Profit –A Blueprint for Small Business” and Co-Author of the best seller “The Art and Science of Success Volume Four” , Marv has many stories and lessons to share with your audience members.

He will connect with your audience whilee they are, entertain them, inspire them to better their best, and never give up when faced with life’s challenges!

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As a result of Bizprofitpro’s experience with countless corporate and small businesses as an advisor, we are able to share what is happening in the real world and translate it into a message that delivers immediate benefit. If your looking for a message that was born out of real business experience and can inspire others to take their businesses to the next level, then book Bizprofitpro today. Call 800-905-1213 Ext 121 for immediate attention.