Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery

Recent incidents like Hurricane Sandy, the Earthquake-Tsunami in Japan, terrorist attacks and other natural disasters have shaken many small business owners into facing the fact that their business world is at risk every day. As of this writing, some business units in Japan and the US Northeast have not regained their full operations from their natural disasters. Others actually went out of business. Many customers are demanding that their suppliers maintain the ability to provide products and services in the event of a disaster. Some even require that a Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery (BCP) be submitted and maintained by all suppliers. In the future it will be difficult to win new business without a comprehensive BCP.U
Many of these incidents result in significant losses. Some examples are:
• Lost customers
• Loss of revenue
• Property loss not covered by insurance
• Loss of customer goodwill
• Total collapse of your business!
The professional staff at Bizprofitpro provided the necessary guidance resulting in a comprehensive and cost effect BCP

Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council